Cre8tive Hack Media is the production features extension of the EnJenuity Media Group. We focus on various forms of media including feature-length, theatrical documentary films, shorts, web-series and podcasts that are designed to educate, entertain and motivate. We make room for diverse stories, characters, and experiences in an effort to impact and inspire audiences.


In addition to creating our own visual storytelling; we help others with their stories as well. We help our clients identify their authentic story and clarify their message, all to make their brand clear, compelling, and consistent. We do it by creating uniquely designed experiences across multiple platforms of media, including digital and video marketing. Culminating in a powerful brand story that is well known and effectively engaged by audiences.

By utilizing video marketing, we identify and optimize brand identity and craft your visual story to propel your business to the next level. We provide creative strategies based on your unique goals. Our clients range from non-profit organizations to corporate ventures, local grassroots efforts, and start-ups; the small business owner and the budding entrepreneur. 


  • Video Production 

  • Video Marketing 

  • Video Ads with or without VO 

  • Company Overview Videos

  • Multi-Media Production

  • On-location Production Services

  • Documentary Features & Shorts

  • Content Creation (Scripting)

  • Film Production

  • Web-Series

  • Podcast